Trendy Easter Projects With Adhesive Vinyl

Whether you’re brand new to the world of adhesive vinyl or a long time crafter, it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas with every new season or holiday. Since Easter is coming up soon, today I’m rounding up some of the cutest and trendiest Easter crafts you can create with adhesive vinyl and your cutting machine.

DIY Easter Baskets

I love a classic wicker Easter basket as much as the next gal but in order to keep them in good shape and preserve them for future generations, I only use them for Easter morning and not so much for tossing around the yard while egg hunting. That’s where these DIY inexpensive pails come in handy. Grab a roll of adhesive vinyl and let’s get inspired!

  1. Metal Bucket With Vinyl Decal

    This Easter pail is simple and sweet! Add an animal silhouette (I used a bunny) and layer a name over the top in a different color.

    white easter pail with name on front

    image via Kayla Makes

  2. Easy Personalized Easter Pails

    I love these personalized pails from The Celebration Shoppe, the bunny ears over the letter O are so cute!

    pink easter pail with name and bunny ears

    image via The Celebration Shoppe

  3. Layered Vinyl Decal Easter Pail

    In this post from Sugar Bee Crafts, she’s showing you how to layer adhesive vinyl to create a monogram decal for an Easter bin.

    tin bucket with monogram and bunny ears

    image via Sugar Bee Crafts

  4. Layered Animal Face Decals

    How cute are these layered animal faces that Olivia Ohern created? LOVE!

    three white easter baskets filled with candy

    image via Oliva Ohern

  5. Removable Vinyl Decals

    These removable vinyl decals from Courteney at Craft E Corner are a great way to repurpose Easter bins each year.

    white easter basket filled with eggs

    image via Craft E Corner

DIY Easter Basket Tags

If you love using wicker baskets but still want a little personalization, basket tags are the perfect solution. Here are three fun personalized tag ideas with adhesive vinyl:

  1. Personalized Clay Tags

    I love how Jamela created these tags from scratch, so talented!

    rabbit shaped tag with name

    image via By Pink

  2. Personalized Wooden Tags

    Jaime from The Denver Housewife turned plain wooden eggs into the sweetest personalized tags using cardstock and vinyl.

    colorful egg shaped wooden tags

    image via The Denver Housewife

  3. Acrylic Basket Tags

    This acrylic carrot tag from Three Daughters Home is so beautiful and you only need a few supplies to create your own.

    easter basket with carrot shaped acrylic tag

    image via Three Daughters Home

DIY Easter Eggs

What better way to fill those baskets you just made than with some DIY eggs? Adhesive vinyl applies surprisingly well to both real and plastic Easter eggs. Check out these fun ideas:

  1. Trendy Typography Eggs

    Farmhouse but make it Easter themed. Love these cute little Rae Dunn inspired eggs.

    white egg with pink bow and words happy spring

    image via Baby Savers

  2. Favorite Foods Easter Eggs

    Pizza, fries and ice cream on Easter eggs? Yes, please!

    eggs on yellow background with food shaped stickers

    image via Pretty Life Girls

  3. Humorous Easter Eggs

    I’m a sucker for a good pun and these punny Easter eggs are sure to draw a few giggles.

    blue egg with words hip hop don't stop

    image via Kayla Makes

  4. Typography Easter Eggs

    Check out these typography eggs from Lovely Indeed!

    dyed easter eggs on a white background

    image via Lovely Indeed

DIY Easter Tableware

  1. Monogrammed Dessert Plates

    These monogrammed dessert plates will look so festive on your Easter table.

    green gingham plate with pink monogram

    image via Kayla Makes

  2. Bunny Treats Jar

    This treat jar is an easy way to add some Easter fun to your kitchen!

    glass jar filled with marshmallows

    image via Kayla Makes


    I hope this list helped spark some fresh ideas and creativity for your Easter projects using adhesive vinyl. If you need help deciding what type of vinyl to use you can check out my Beginners Guide to Adhesive Vinyl. As always, happy crafting!