10 things to do in Wilmington, NC

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! Today I’m taking you to another one of my favorite NC coastal cities- Wilmington. You may have heard of Wilmington before, due to it being a hotspot for a lot of films and TV series, which is why it’s been

Travel Tuesday- 10 Things To Do In Beech Mountain, NC

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! Today, I’m taking you to the Appalachians and sharing 10 of our favorite things to do while staying in Beech Mountain, NC. Beech Mountain is a town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, that’s most well known for its ski resort.

10 Reasons to Visit Beaufort, NC

Welcome to the first official installment of the brand new “Travel Tuesday” blog category. I’m starting off strong with one of my favorite places on earth to vacation, and giving you my 10 reasons to visit Beaufort, NC. ♥ Before I continue, let me warn

Media Monday- 20 Captions for Employee Appreciation Day

Welcome to Media Monday, where I’m about to sprinkle some digital love on your Employee Appreciation Day celebrations! In this era of remote work, virtual high-fives, and Zoom camaraderie, expressing gratitude to your team has never been more crucial. Wondering how to level up your

Media Monday- Retro Canva Fonts

Welcome to Media Monday, where I’m dialing up the fun factor with my latest spotlight – Retro Canva Fonts! Whether you’re a design pro or just vibing with Canva’s creative canvas, I’ve dug up a stash of fonts that scream retro vibes with a modern

Media Monday- March Calendar Wallpaper

Hey there, design enthusiasts! Welcome back to another Media Monday where we’re diving into the intersection of creativity and functionality. This time around, I’ve got something special to kickstart your March – a downloadable phone wallpaper that doubles as a sleek and savvy calendar. As

Media Monday- Books of the Bible Tracker

Welcome back to another Media Monday! Today I’m sharing a super cute free download! It’s a books of the Bible tracker that you can print and use to keep track of which books of the Bible you’ve read. The first page includes all of the

Download this free Halloween printable for Spooky Season

The arrival of September means we are only one month away from spooky season. Of course, in the creative world spooky season starts a little earlier. I created these free printable downloads for Halloween so you can get a head start on your home decor,

Ten Best Halloween Fonts For Crafts and Designs

Welcome to my spooky design guide! Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to add some eerie charm to your crafts and designs than with the perfect fonts? Whether you’re planning to create invitations for a haunted gathering, design delightful decorations, or

The 10 Best Fonts For Cricut: A Design Guide

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on the best fonts for Cricut. As a designer and Cricut enthusiast, I know the importance of selecting the perfect font to bring your Cricut projects to life. Whether you’re working on vinyl decals, paper crafts, or personalized gifts, the
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