How To Personalize Starbucks Cold Cup Decals In Cricut Design Space

Hi, crafters! This tutorial is LONG overdue and I finally have enough free time on my hands to get it done! Today, I’ll be walking you through the steps to add your own wording to the blank Starbucks cold cup decal in Design Space. If you’re a Silhouette user, I’m working on that post next so stay tuned!

Step One: Upload Decal

Download the blank circle decal here and upload it into Design Space. It’s a transparent .PNG file so there should be no white space when you upload it, just make sure to save the file as a CUT IMAGE and not a PRINT THEN CUT IMAGE.

Step Two: Setup Text

Next, use the text tool to type the word(s) you want to place on the top half of the decal and change the font to “Futura”.

*I use the font “Aharoni Bold” when creating decals in Adobe Illustrator but it isn’t compatible with Design Space. Futura is extremely similar.

Now click the font style tool and select Bold.

Adjust the font size and space the letters out to 2.5.

Now you can use the curve tool to adjust the curve of the text. The curve will be different for every word or group of words. Just move the slider until you like the way it looks.

Once you have the text curved make sure it is centered on the decal by using the align tool. You have to select both the decal and the word and then click “center horizontally“.

Step Three: Using The Slice Tool

At this point you need to select both the decal and the text again and click the slice tool in the bottom right corner.

The slice tool is basically like a cookie cutter, whatever is on top will be cut from the bottom layer. So in this case, the word summer was cut out of the circle.

You can now delete the two layers of text and you should just have the circle with the word cut out.

Step Four: Repeat Process

Now, repeat the process for the bottom half of the decal.

When you’re finished you should have a decal with both sets of words cut out.

Now you can add whatever shape you’d like to the sides. I used the shapes tool to add stars and then sliced them just like I did the text.

Remember, you can only slice two layers at a time so if you try to add all of the words at once and then slice, it won’t work.

Step Five: Adjust Size

The last step is to resize the decal to fit the cup. The dimensions below have worked for me for the last year but lately people have messaged me saying the logo on the cup has gotten larger. Starbucks is constantly updating products so I don’t doubt that they increased the size of the logo. For the best fit, measure the height and width of the logo on your cup and go by that.

For best results be sure to use a quality adhesive vinyl like Oracal 651. Expressions Vinyl has the best selection of Oracal 651 and you can use code kaylamade to save 10% off of your order.

If you have any questions just leave a comment or send me an email!