Wellness Gift Basket Idea: How To Apply Adhesive Vinyl On A Tea Tin

The chilly winter temps can leave all of us feeling a little under the weather. In today’s step by step tutorial I’m showing you how easy it is to apply adhesive vinyl on a tea canister to create a get well gift basket for someone who needs a winter pick me up! Crack open your Cricut machine and let’s get crafty.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Estimated Time: 10 Minutes

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Upload and Set-Up Design

Upload your design of choice into the Design Space software and scale it to size. My canister is 3.7 inches wide so I scaled my design to 3 inches wide.

Click the “make it” button and select the material type. Since we’re working with adhesive vinyl you’ll want to select the vinyl option. The Cricut machine will automatically adjust the blade depending on the material you select.

Step Two: Load Cutting Mat

Place the vinyl on the cutting mat and load the mat into the machine by pressing the load/unload button. On the Cricut Maker this button has a double ended arrow on it.

Step Three: Weed Designs

After cutting is complete, cut around the design to remove it from the sheet of vinyl and then peel away the excess vinyl from around the design.

Then, use a weeding tool to remove the smaller pieces of vinyl from inside the letters.

Step Four: Apply Transfer Tape

Cut a piece of transfer tape to the same size as your design.

Then, use a scraper tool to burnish the transfer tape over the design.

Step Five: Transfer Decal

Center the decal on the tea canister and use the scraper tool or your fingers to press the design onto the surface.

Peel away the transfer tape leaving behind the vinyl decal.

*Tip- When peeling transfer tape off of a vinyl design, it’s always best to start from the corner and peel downward at an angle.

Step Six: Fill With Tea Bags and Gift!

Fill the customized canister with tea bags and add it to a gift basket filled with goodies.

Of course, you should personalize your selections depending on your recipient but for inspiration I’ll tell you what I included: lavender bath salts, sugar body scrub, cozy socks, a ceramic travel mug, chocolates and the canister of tea.

I think just about anyone would instantly feel better after receiving this thoughtful, customized gift. If your giftee isn’t a tea drinker you could easily switch up the design to say “coffee time” and swap the tea bags out for coffee pods.

Craftables adhesive vinyl can be applied to a variety of surfaces. The canister I used here is metal but you could also use glass, plastic or even wood. For more vinyl inspiration check out this gift idea on the blog where blogger Elise used adhesive vinyl on ceramic.