DIY Starbucks Tumbler + Free Cut Files

Hi, friends! I have a super fun freebie to share with you guys today. Keep reading to find out all the deets!

If you’ve been on the gram lately you’ve definitely seen these customized Starbucks tumblers floating around. It’s no surprise either because they are super cute and so easy to DIY.

I played around with the sizing on these for a bit until I got it just right. The logo on these cold cups is not a perfect circle so after downloading the freebies you’ll need to change the sizing. Here are the dimensions that I found work best: H=3.527 and W= 3.779ย 

Just like any other vinyl decal you’ll want to apply a piece of transfer tape and use a scraper tool to burnish over the decal so none of the tiny pieces get left behind.

Then apply the decal to the cup and use your fingers or a scraper tool to apply even pressure over the entire design and peel away the transfer tape. These particular cups are a weird plastic and removable (or cheap) vinyl absolutely refuses to stick to the surface. I highly recommend something permanant like Oracal 651.

If you compare the two photos above ย you can see the difference in the decal shapes. The pink decal was a perfect circle and didn’t line up around the logo at all. The blue decal uses the edited dimensions I provided above and fits snugly around the logo.

Click here to go to the downloads page!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or issues with the files!

Happy making!