Easy Valentine’s Day Kids Shirt with Cricut

I love making themed shirts for my littlest! Today, I’m working with the Cricut EasyPress and Cricut iron-on to create a quick and easy Valentine’s Day t-shirt.

I found these cute blank tees at Target over the summer and bought up a bunch of every color. Other than that all you need is iron-on in your choice of colors and an iron or heat press. I’m using my Cricut Maker here but any die cutting machine will work!

This is the file I used. It’s an oldie from way back when I was a blogger for Silhouette America. I just replaced the O with a heart to make it more festive. I checked the Silhouette store and it’s still available for download!

I removed the letter i, the heart and the letter u before ironing on the white vinyl. After the white vinyl has properly adhered to the shirt, iron on the letter i, the heart, and the letter u in pink. Just be careful not to melt your white letters.

I love the combination of white, pink and grey! Festive enough for Valentine’s Day but not so “in your face” pink and red so that it can’t be worn year round.

I know this is a super simple shirt but I wanted to share with any beginners out there! If you have any questions leave me a comment! Happy crafting!


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