Travel Tuesday- 10 Things To Do In Beech Mountain, NC

Welcome back to Travel Tuesday! Today, I’m taking you to the Appalachians and sharing 10 of our favorite things to do while staying in Beech Mountain, NC. Beech Mountain is a town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, that’s most well known for its ski resort. However, there is so much more to offer both in and around this small town. While a lot of my photos were taken in the fall, please do not think that fall is the only time of year worth visiting. The mountains of North Carolina have something to offer during every season. Whether it’s skiing and snowboarding in the winter or hiking and mountain biking in the summer, there is always something incredible to do here.

1. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway

If you’ve never been to the NC mountains in the fall, I’m sorry. Please book the trip. Peak leaf season changes depending on the weather that year but you’re pretty much guaranteed so see some color during the month of October. Plan to spend at least part of one day coasting along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a slow, lovely drive with plenty of places to pull over and take photos. If you want to be there during the height of fall color, plan your trip around this forecast.

2. Hike Up Grandfather Mountain

Okay, so it’s not really a hike. You start in your car at the base of the mountain and make the 2 mile drive up the mountain while listening to the provided educational track. Once at the top you can access the hiking trails or make your way up the stairs to the swinging bridge. Once you’re in the park you can stay until closing so be sure to bring food, drinks and supplies so you don’t have to leave. There is so much to see and do, you’ll want to make a day of it. Check out the full list of things to do here.

3. Cross  The Mile High Swinging Bridge

Speaking of Grandfather Mountain, one of our favorite things to do while there was crossing the mile high swinging bridge. It’s America’s highest suspension footbridge, spanning an 80 ft chasm and offering panoramic 360 degree views. The bridge doesn’t actually swing anymore so you don’t need to worry about being dumped off into the cliffs below. Just be sure to check the weather before you head up because they do close it during extreme events.

4. Go Leaf Peeping

Leaf peepers travel from all over the country to admire the fall foliage in the NC mountains. It really is a spectacular sight. Beech Mountain, particularly, offers some of the best views of the changing leaves. Checkout Buckeye Lake and Lake Coffey for some beautiful views and photo ops in the area.

5. Sleep In A Treehouse

A treehouse! Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say more. This is not your average treehouse. This boutique treehouse is nestled within the trees right in the heart of Beech Mtn. When you walk in you are met with an expanse of windows showcasing the view. The bedrooms are fitted with twinkly lights on the ceiling, the deck has two swing chairs, there’s even a ladder that takes you up to a hidden loft area. It’s a little pricey during peak season but it really is magical.

6. Ride The Alpine Coaster

If you’re looking for adventure, head just up the road to Sugar Mountain and stop by the Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster. The coasters top speed is 27 mph so it’s suitable for younger kids with the minimum age to ride being 3 years old. Older kids can ride solo but anyone under 9 must ride with an adult or a child over 16. I’m a HUGE baby when it comes to rides but this was actually really fun, even for me. Definitely get the 2 ride package because once around the track just isn’t enough!

7. Eat Locally

There are some really great restaurants in and around Beech Mtn. One of our all time favorites is a little old timey BBQ joint in Linville called Old Hampton Store. The food here is delicious! They have your standard BBQ plates with all of the sides. You can also find a lot of great breakfast/brunch and fancier dinner spots in the town of Boone. Boone is home to Appalachian State University so it’s got that hip, college vibes but it’s also a great area for families.

8. Prepare For Unpredictable Weather

It’s very likely that you’ll experience multiple seasons during one trip. We’ve literally gone from snow gear to t-shirts in a days time while visiting. In the event of nasty day, be sure to pack board games, cards and other activities if your lodging doesn’t provide them. Also make sure you buy enough food to make meals, just in case there are road closures due to snow and ice.

9. Go Exploring

There are a ton of hiking trails, walking trails, rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the mountains. You just have to get out and explore! Linville Falls is a great one and relatively easy to get to. If small mountain towns are more your thing, check out the town of Blowing Rock. You’ll never want to leave!

10. Just Have Fun!

Regardless of where you end up, you’re sure to have fun in the NC mountains. There really is so much to see and do. If you have any questions or need recommendations, leave a comment or just send me an email. 🙂

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